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What Students Have Said About The Bible Class:

“I was not completely understanding how something this great could be true. This class has cleared up my doubts about God.”

“Showed me that you can relate the Bible to real life, I haven’t ever connected the two.”

“Although I’m still unsure what I truly believe, this class has made me consider that these teachings may be true.”

“This class has impacted me significantly, I’m proud to say I now believe in God.”

“Now I’ve got confidence in The Bible”

“Even though I’ve been going to church since I was little, it seemed like I was hearing the Bible for the first time. Maybe before I never paid attention.”

“It gave us a chance to apply Bible readings to our everyday life.”

“Before The Bible Class, I never really prayed. I mean we would pray at dinner & church, but they were just memorized, like the “Our Father” or “Hail Mary”. Instead of just saying words, Bible Class helped me actually talk to God.“

"The Bible Class has helped me dive into the Bible on my own… it helps baby Christians and older Christians alike to grow in their faith with the teachings straight from the Bible.”

“The Bible Class has meant a lot to me, it has helped me become more interactive with God.”

“I learned a lot about the Bible and how to locate verses”

“This class encouraged me to stick with my faith, even in times when I have a tendency to forget about God.”

“The class has shown me the reality and power of God.”

“This class gives background & clarity to some of the more confusing parts of the Bible”

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