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A man named Don Howell was challenged to do something purposeful with his retirement years. Don came across the concept of “Christian Released Time Education”, which has been around almost 100 years. He saw how God was using these classes in rural Georgia and knew this is what Gwinnett County needs.

Since 2002 we’ve been providing elective, off-campus, released time Bible classes for students. We are now in 3 Gwinnett County High schools. Our classes have served over 1000 students at North Gwinnett, Peachtree Ridge, and South Gwinnett. We look forward to continuing what we've done and hope to reach more and more every year.

We are often asked "how is this legal?" Released Time Education is allowed because we meet these requirements:

1) Privately accredited. 

2) Off campus- our classes meet in churches that are close enough to schools for students to walk or drive over. 


3)Parent permission- parents have to sign off on their students leaving campus for our class.


4)Privately Funded- we receive no state or county funds, and raise everything to make these classes a reality.

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